Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wet N Wild Caribbean Frost

Last week, I went on a nail polish hunt at CVS after a freezing cold walk to the post office. I picked up a few colors, and today I decided I wanted to wear a bright color, so I chose the Wet N Wild polish I bought.

Caribbean Frost is from the Wild Shine collection, and is very appropriately named. At least, I'm assuming this is what the waters in the Caribbean look like! This is a blue-green frost, leaning more towards the green side.

The application was great - much better than what I'd expect from such an inexpensive brand. I used two coats, and the coverage was even. It's a little brush stroke-y, but I was expecting that. It dried quickly. Overall, I have no complaints: pretty color, no application issues, and cheap!

All the pictures were taken in natural light.

Also, please excuse the owies on my thumb and ring finger. I had a doctor's appointment this morning, which was both anxiety-inducing and boring (seriously, the majority of my appointment was waiting for the doctor to come in). Anxiety plus boredom is a lethal combination for my fingers, as they both lead to incessant picking. This habit seems impossible to break!

EDIT: Day 2, and there is already significant chipping. Bummer!

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