Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OPI What's with the Cattitude?

I tried to fix the chipping of Caribbean Frost, which was a mistake. It just made things worse. The sides started to curl up, so I gave up and just took it off. It was such a nice day out today, so I decided on the bright and fun What's with the Cattitude? from OPI's Shrek collection.

The application of this was not too great. It was thick and gloopy, and only got worse the longer the bottle was open. Part of my troubles were likely due to the fact that my bottle is a mini, and the brush is teeny tiny.  It needed three coats to even out and get rid of the streaks. These pictures are three coats, plus one coat of Seche Vite.

It's totally worth it to deal with the application process, because this is such a gorgeous color. The sky blue is perfect for spring.

It's been so nice out lately, and I hope it stays that way. Today I went for a run and walked to the grocery store. It's was so nice to be outside and not have to wear my heavy jacket.

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