Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nicole by OPI Fresh Squeezed

The other night, I was at Target and noticed some Nicole by OPI polishes on clearance. They were all around $5. I picked up two of them, and today I tried Fresh Squeezed, which was part of the Spring 2010 collection.

I've got a soft spot for Nicole by OPI. My mom used to buy me them when I was younger, because my name is Nicole, and I was drawn to the fun colors and glitter as a kid. But I haven't used one in years, so I'm interested to see how they wear.

I was initially drawn to it because of the duochrome glass-like flecks in it. In the bottle, they shimmer yellow, orange, and pink - and even lime green at the right angle. Unfortunately, that doesn't translate too well on the nail. And it translates even worse on camera. I had such a hard time photographing this lacquer. The sun is finally out, so I thought I'd have an easy time, but apparently not. Really, the best images I got that showed off the duochrome were in the shade.

 The polish is jelly-like, so it is fairly translucent. I used three coats, and still have a couple bald spots. The bald spots don't bother me that much because of the sparkle. Seriously, this polish looks so cool. Even though the duochrome doesn't translate well on the nail, the shimmer is still gorgeous - especially in sunlight. Even when it is not in direct sunlight, this stuff glows!

Despite my difficulties with getting good photos of this stuff, I am really pleased with it. I can't stop looking at my nails. I can't wait to show this off in the summer, when the sun is really shining!

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