Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nicole by OPI Nicole's Nickel

Holy bananas! I picked up Nicole's Nickel on sale at Target (the Target exclusive and the Bieber collections were on sale) recently, and it is fantastic!

This was such a great find! I love that it's a glitter that's meant to be worn on it's own, rather than layered. Nicole's Nickel is a ton of silver glitter in a dark base. I only needed two coats for full coverage. It was pretty thick, but not too difficult to work with. It dried ridiculously fast, and, of course, gritty. It was tough to photograph, though. It was so bright, that the sun just blew everything out.

It makes me feel like I've got disco balls on my hands! Which reminds me of three things:

1.) Lady Gaga's disco bra -

2.) Lady Gaga's Disco Stick -

 3.) Noel Fielding's/Vince Noir's Mirror Ball Suit - 

Vince Noir was the inspiration for my blog's name. :)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day/Bank Holiday/Monday. My family doesn't have any traditions, but I did have the day off work! I spent it on my parents' couch with a horrible migraine, though. Bummer.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Barry M Navy

Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope your week has been well. I had a fun sleepover with my BFF, and got my hair cut! This is what I look like now. What do you think?

Suvi wore really well on me, so I kept it on a bit longer than usual. I think Poshe is my new topcoat! Last night, I finally changed my polish, and put on Navy by Barry M.

Navy is so pretty! It looks pretty dark, but when it hits the light right, it really shimmers. It was really easy to work with, too, which is always nice. It was almost a one-coater, but I used two coats to even everything out. I'm so glad Nicole sent this to me in our first swap!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zoya Suvi

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is starting off well.

Since my last post, I have seen Bridesmaids again (it was even funnier the second time!), I have listened to the "leak" of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album practically non-stop, and when I'm not listening to it, I've been watching "Roseanne" on Netflix. What have you been up to?

I took off Forever Yummy, and boy was that a pain. Red everywhere! Now I've got on Suvi by Zoya, which I got in their St. Patty's Day promo.

Suvi is gorgeous! She's a shimmery emerald, with some black added in for a vampy touch. This color reminds me of velvet. The application was a breeze. I used two coats, and it slid on really easily. Love it! I used my Poshe top coat, and so far I don't have any shrinkage. It's been about a half hour or so, and by this time, Seche is already ruining Zoya. I'm crossing my fingers that I've found a better topcoat  - so far so good.

My nails are still quite short, as you can see. But I've found it nice and refreshing to chop them down to little shorties, and start over, so to speak. And on that note, I freaking hate the word nubbins. Seriously. What a gross word!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Essie Forever Yummy

Okay, guys. I think my nails are waging a war against me. And they are winning. At least half of my nails have broken in the past few days. My thumb had a tear halfway down the nail the other day. Observe:

I mean, what in the shit is that?! How does that even happen? That was a nice, square nail, and then BAM a chunk rips off. Ugh! I don't know, maybe it's the changing weather or something. But now my nails are super short again. Hopefully they will grow back strong and healthy!

On a more positive note, I bought my first Essie today! Forever Yummy, a delicious red (see what I did there?!). I went to see Bridesmaids, and throughout the film, Kristen Wiig was wearing red nail polish. Being such a red fanatic, I was so drawn to it. I stopped into CVS on my way home, and picked Something Yummy up.

I'm not sure why I haven't purchased any Essies before this, but I definitely need to purchase more. This was a one coater! ONE. That's it - just one! Perfectly opaque. I have never had a polish that comes out perfect in one coat. The application was also perfect. Not too thick, not too thin. My only complaint is that, because of how pigmented it is, clean up is a pain. But I will totally deal with that, considering how awesome this bad boy is otherwise.

I also picked up Poshe top coat, and I'm excited to see how it wears. It dried as fast and as shiny as Seche Vite, and was less smelly. So, already I'm enjoying it. I'm hoping it will get rid of some of the shrinkage problems.

Have you seen Bridesmaids yet? What did you think? I enjoyed it quite a bit. Kristen Wiig is so awesome! I loved a lot of her outfits during the film. Lots of stripes, which is definitely up my alley. She was also wearing these high-waisted sailor shorts briefly, which were so freaking adorable. I couldn't find pictures of all the outfits I loved, but here's some other nice shots:

Look at those nails! So cute!

Cute shirt! Cute sunglasses! Sassy walk!
Hope everyone's having a good week!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Victoria's Secret Amazing

Happy Friday the 13th!

Today I've got on Amazing, from Victoria's Secret Pink. It's "Polish & Bling," and has some cute gems on the top. I've not used these yet but they are heart shaped. Adorable!

Without topcoat.

Without topcoat.

With topcoat.

With topcoat.

With topcoat.

Amazing has the weirdest consistency I've ever seen in a nail polish. It's basically as liquid-y as water. It has none of the thickness that normal polish has. So, it's obviously incredibly thin, but surprisingly not terribly difficult to work with. It definitely needs a few coats to not be see through. I used three and you can still see visible nail line, but there's no avoiding that with this nail varnish. It also dries to this neat satin-y finish, but looks very shiny with top coat. I love the color of this polish, too! It looks purple in most lights (like the bottle looks in these photos), but in the right light, the hot pink really shines through and you get a color like what my camera picked up.

Hope your day wasn't too unlucky! I've got a migraine, so I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sally Hansen Spectrum & My Stash

During a bout of boredom earlier today, I added a couple new pages to my blog. I added an About Me page, which is pretty dorky, but I like reading more about all of you, so I figured why not! I was also inspired by Rebecca Likes Nails, and added a page that lists my stash, and links to what I've posted. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

Now, on to what I'm wearing! Spectrum, from the Sally Hansen HD Collection.

Spectrum is full of turquoise, glass-flecked, duochrome goodness! It's very pretty and bright - definitely an eye catching polish.  It's pretty sheer though. I used three coats and there's still visible nail line. It would probably be really pretty layered over a dark polish. Target marked these guys down to $5, so if you've been wanting something from the HD collection, now's your chance to get it cheap!

While I was going through my entire collection today, I took some photos:

 Yes, I still have a Kaboodle! This is where I store my "expensive" polishes. Note to self: don't buy any more green or purple Zoyas.

 My drug store cheapie polishes. Kept in an overflowing shoe box.

The polishes Nicole sent me (plus a rogue Zoya). I also keep my top and base coats in here.

So, what have we learned? I really need to find a better way to organize my polishes! I am not a huge Helmer fan, and am waiting to find the right organizer. For those of you who don't have Helmers, how do you organize your stash?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Front Cover Unknown

Today I'm wearing another polish sent to me from Nicole - a nameless orange by Front Cover.

I was expecting an orange-leaning coral, but it turned out to be more of a neon! Which was a pleasant surprise, as I've been itching to wear some neon colors this spring and summer.

It was a little bit streaky, but it evened out really well in three coats. Other than that, I have no complaints about the application process. The cap/brush is really freaking annoying though. There's no arm to the brush, so it's really hard to see what you're doing.

This is such a fun color! I think it would be a great summer pedi color.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Zoya Dove

It's been so icky out the past couple of days, I decided to go with a polish that matched the sky: Dove by Zoya, from the Intimate collection.

Dove is the perfect concrete grey. It's not the most unique color, but in my collection, I can actually only think of one other grey I own (Metro Chic by Sephora by OPI).

The consistency was more toward the thin side than the thick side, but it wasn't too thin, and it was easy to work with. It needed two coats for opacity.

It's such a pretty color! I just hope the skies brighten up a bit more.