Thursday, February 2, 2012

Famous by Sue Moxley Scarlet Sparkle

I know, I know. I have been a terrible blogger lately. I am behind like, four posts, but tonight it is my goal to get up to date! First I bring you something I wore probably a week and a half ago - Famous by Sue Moxley's Scarlet Sparkle.

Scarlet Sparkle is perhaps not very creatively named, but it is appropriately named. It is a deep ruby red with gold glitter. Initially I thought the glitter was going to make for a gritty finish, but it applied and dried very smooth. I believe I used two coats for this, and overall did not have any issues with application.

This was a polish sent to my by Nicole at Top to Toe. She sent a few others by the same brand, and I'm excited to try those out as well. Scarlet Sparkle is such a pretty color, and applied well, so I have high hopes for the rest.

In non-polish related news, I finally sent in my grad school application! Ahh! While I am nervous to hear from them, it's nice to know that everything is out of my hands and I can relax a bit now.

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