Monday, February 6, 2012

Revlon Sunshine Sparkle & NYX Carnival

A couple of exciting blog-related things have happened recently. First, my blog is one year old! I had my official one year blogging anniversary on the second. Second, I have officially hit 100 followers! Even though I don't have as much time as I'd like for blogging, I really do enjoy it. It's so awesome that 100 of you want to read my little blog, especially considering how saturated the nail blogging world is.

As a little celebration, I decided to create a fun manicure with Revlon's Sunshine Sparkle and Carnival by NYX on top.

I started off with Sunshine Sparkle for my base, a polish I found on clearance at Target a month or so ago. It's a very pretty pale yellow with shimmer. As you can imagine, applying this pastel yellow was not exactly a walk in the park. It needed three coats, and even then didn't look perfect (though it looks pretty good in the photos). It did seem to dry pretty fast, though.

Next I added two coats of Carnival. Yet another polish following the Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday trend. I am all about cheap dupes. And every polish lover should have at least one ridiculous glitter. This was pretty thick, but the glitter applied evenly, which was a nice surprise.

This is definitely a manicure that catches the eye, but with how many coats there are, I'm sure will only last a day. Worth it!

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  1. arg lots of glitter! l love it! congrats on reaching 100! you deserve it! x