Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nicole by OPI Green Up Your Act!

Green Up Your Act! is a polish I purchased a while back - it was part of the Target exclusive Fall line, Something About Color. As you can see, it's a military green creme. A really awesome color that has rightly become quite popular in nail polish collections lately.

While it hits the mark color-wise, application-wise it is a mess. It's one of those polishes where the consistency of the polish and the brush don't mesh well, and you end up with a ton of bald spots. This is three coats, and there are still bald spots (which luckily Seche Vite toned down, and they didn't show up on camera). I do not have the patience for four coats, so I gave up and left it at three. On the bright side, it did dry fast.

Overall, if you are looking for a color like this, I would say chose a polish by one of the million other brands doing this color. The application process is just not worth it when you can find others so easily. (Though I did see a TON of these on clearance last time I was at Target, so if you are a Nicole by OPI lover than now is your chance to pick this one up at a decent price.)

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  1. such a shame about the application, you can't tell though from the pictures. The colour looks gorgeous.