Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac

Mystic Lilac is a polish I had been searching high and low for.  And then, all of a sudden I ended up with two of them within a couple days! I finally found one for sale on LiveJournal, and snatched it up. (Is anyone else in the LJ polishsale community? That place is the death of my wallet.) Then I happened to win a giveaway over at The Phalanges Files, and she was kind enough to notice I had Mystic Lilac on my wishlist and sent me a bottle. The universe was really looking out for my polish desires that week!

Sally Hansen was really on top of their game when they named this gem Mystic Lilac. The color is definitely a lilac shade of purple, with some green shimmer thrown in. The first photo is more color accurate.

I used two coats of this guy, but probably should have gone with three as there are some bald spots. I definitely got some tip shrinkage right away unfortunately (these photos were taken maybe a half hour after applying the polish and top coat). It's a bummer, but not as noticeable in real life.

Overall, I'd call Mystic Lilac a success. The color is unique, and seems to be holding up well. And even though it needs three coats, the coats apply easily and dry quickly.


  1. This is pretty, I like the green tinges running through it, makes it unusual x

  2. Absolutely fantastic!!! You have an amazing blog! You're brilliant! Have a great week! :-)