Sunday, January 8, 2012

Butter London Wallis

I purchased Wallis a while ago, and just now got around to wearing it.

Wallis is the most expensive polish I've ever purchased. As of yet, I don't own any Chanel, and the Lippmann's I have were purchased on clearance for $3. Not that I'll never indulge, but on a retail salary, with tons of student loans, and plans to move to London if I get accepted into grad school, I try to take the cheap route with polish. But when I saw Butter London for the first time at my local Ulta, I decided to treat myself. It was worth it.

Wallis is a gorgeous antique-y looking gold, with olive tones. It applied smoothly, and needed just two coats. On top of the quality of the polish, Butter London puts a lot of effort into the bottle design, which I can appreciate. I love the shape of the bottle, the Lift to Open sticker, and the raven on the inside of the cap. So cute - and if I'm paying $14 for a bottle of nail polish, it better be cute.

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty, reminds me of antique metal objects, like a sort of goldish copper, stunning.