Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wet N Wild Behind Closed Doors & My Giveaway Winnings

Here's another Halloween manicure, with a polish from Wet N Wild's On the Prowl collection. Chi Chi from The Phalanges Files sent me this as an extra from her giveaway. I also have pictures of everything she sent at the end of this post. But first, here's Behind Closed Doors!

Having seen swatches of Behind Closed Doors on a plethora of other nail blogs, I knew it was in more of a smokey grey base, rather than a true black base. So I layered this over two coats of NYC Black Lace Creme. I did not photograph that on it's own this time, but if you're dying to see shitty, air-bubbly photos of your basic black creme, I did photograph it in this post.

I added two coats of Behind Closed Doors over the black, and I must say, the contrast between the red glitter and black base just looks so cool! It certainly does have a spooky, dark element to it (I'm reminded of Jack the Ripper for some reason... blood splattering in the night?). My only gripe is the amount of glitter that applied. I like my glittery polishes and top coats to be, well, glittery. I probably would have had to do like four coats of Behind Closed Doors to get it where I wanted it to be. That would have been six coats, not including base or top coat. Even though the glitter is more sparse than I prefer, it still looks pretty cool.

Now, here are some bottle shots of everything Chi Chi sent!

The Sinful Colors Adventure Island Collection. Easy Going, Beautiful Girl. Star Fish, Verbena, Adventure Island, Seaweed, Open Seas.

China Glaze White Cap, Fairy Dust, Flop Flop Fantasy, Liquid Leather.

She was awesome and threw in some extra treats! Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac, WnW Behind Closed Doors, and Nicole by OPI Too Rich for You!
I have obtained so many polishes lately, I had too add another Ikea box to my nail polish storage! And it's half full! I think it's time for another No Buy!


  1. I love the wet n wild one with all the red glittery bits in it :-)

  2. I love this mani:] Also, I have NYX Dorothy, a dupe, and I thiiiiiink [not totally sure] that it has more glitter in it. maybe you can try that one out?:]