Sunday, October 23, 2011

Walgreens Glittery Green & Fantasy Makers Night Glow

I mentioned in my previous post that I was considering putting The Challenge on hold, in order to get a few Halloween manicures in. Well, I officially decided to do so. I'll get back to The Challenge as soon as Halloween is over.

For this Halloween manicure, I used a couple new polishes I found at Walgreens recently. One is an unnamed glittery green polish made by Walgreens, and the other is the beloved Night Glow by Fantasy Makers (Wet n Wild).

This is the glittery green. Walgreens had quite a few polishes like this one, but this was the only green on the shelf. I took that as a sign, and this guy came home with me. To be honest, I was expecting this to be really crappy. You know that nail polish you got when you were little that peeled off in like an hour, and was a globby mess? That's what I was envisioning. But this stuff actually applied really well, and so far has stayed put (I've had it on for a couple days). As you can see, it is pretty sheer, so visible nail line phobes might want to steer clear. I used three coats. I am pretty impressed with this polish. I love the shimmery light green mixed with the glitter. This was $2 well spent.

Then I added two coats of Night Glow, Fantasy Makers' glow in the dark top coat. It doesn't really change the look of polishes too much. It's a very light green/yellow, so any change in color is minimal, and hardly noticeable in person (if at all). You'd never be able to build this up to an opaque color on its own. It applied easily as well.

And here's the best photo I could get of the cool glow in the dark action! I'm sure you can imagine just how annoying taking photos of this polish was. Trying to sit still for the 20 seconds the shutter is open is no easy feat. But I got one successful shot, and that's all that matters. This stuff glows pretty well, and looks so neat. I like knowing that I've got something special on my nails that no one else can see.

And for fun, here's a kinda cool photo I got in one of my many attempts. I obviously didn't stay still very well for this one, but I liked the shapes the glowing bottle created.

Are you guys getting excited for Halloween? What are you dressing up as? I don't have any plans for Halloween, so I don't have a costume set in stone for this year. Last year, my coworker and I dressed up as Dorothy and the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. One of my favorites over the years was when I went as John Dillinger a few years ago.

I hope your weekend is going well!


  1. That last shot is so cool! I don't get excited for Halloween b/c that means pressure from my friends to go to an haunted house, lol. No way no how. I'm not paying to be scared out of my mind.

  2. hee hee love the glowy ness :-) and that walgreens green polish is lovely x

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