Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Street Wear Mmoody + N.Y.C. Black Lace Creme

Last night, I saw Harry Potter at the drive in! I bawled. A lot. Any other HP dorks out there? What did you think of the last movie? How are you going to survive with no more HP movies or books to look forward to?!?

I decided to use Mmoody as my first Street Wear polish because it reminds me of a Patronus. It is definitely a polish that is meant to be layered (or worn very very sheer), so I decided to layer it over a simple black.

Black Lace Creme is pretty standard. I decided to show it since I haven't photographed it before. The first coat is pretty thin, but it becomes opaque in two coats. I painted it right in front of a fan (because it's like a billion degrees in MN), and got a bunch of air bubbles, as you can see. (On that note, I desperately need an AC unit!)

Then came the magic! I layered two coats of Mmoody over the black. Mmoody is a blue shimmer in a grey base. I love the juxtaposition of the shimmer and the murky grey. It is a great combination! You can see I still ended up with air bubbles. I moved away from the fan to add Mmoody, but still got them. Perhaps it's just because it's an older polish? Maybe it just doesn't like the Poshe topcoat? Who knows! Who cares! It's so pretty, the air bubbles don't even bother me. I also ended up with some weird scrunchy bits on my index and ring fingers. I don't care about those either! Mmoody was pretty thin (all of the Street Wears I got seemed quite thin), but easy to work with. The brush/lid design is awesome. The handle isn't perfectly round, so it's easy to grip. And the brush is very long, so it's easy to see what you're doing.

I wish Revlon still made these. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I was obsessed with Street Wear in middle school. I loved being able to go into Target and get some funky colored polishes for cheap.

I shall leave you with an image of Snape's and Lily's Patronus. I'm off to go cry some more over HP. Just kidding... maybe.

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  1. I'm a harry potter dork! ahaha, I cried a bit as well.... :)Lovely polish!