Saturday, July 2, 2011

Star Gazer 102

The other night, I watched a documentary called "Vanishing of the Bees". It was really eye-opening, and actually quite heartbreaking. Did you know that bees are responsible for one-third of the food we eat? ONE-THIRD! Did you know that they are also just up and disappearing, due to Colony Collapse Disorder? The documentary talks about Colony Collapse Disorder, and the research that's being done on it. It's a very good film, and I definitely recommend seeing it if you get the chance. It's also narrated by my future wife, Ellen Page, which is a plus.

The reason I go into all of that is because I was inspired to wear some yellow polish. I chose Star Gazer's 102, sent to me by Nicole is our last swap.

Artificial lighting.

Artificial lighting.



Nicole suggested I wear this over a white polish, but I decided to see what it was like without it. I'll try it with white next time I wear it, and report back. On top of white, this would probably appear much more neon. 102 is pretty interesting, because in some lighting situations, it looks like a bright (but not in-your-face-neon) yellow, and in other times it leans more to the neon side.

I didn't have any troubles with application. It was a bit sheer, so I used three coats to get better coverage. It's definitely brush stroke-y, but there's no avoiding it. I did get a TON of air bubbles though. You can't really tell from these photos, but here are bubbles everywhere, on each nail. It's not terribly noticeable though, so it doesn't bother me much. So far, it has been wearing really well on me. I've had it on for two days, and don't have any chips, and hardly any tipwear.

I've received a lot of compliments on 102, mostly from older men, strangely enough. A coworker said it reminds him of lemon drops.

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  1. looks great, yes I find the same it can bubble a little, but it isn't obvious x