Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Street Wear Haul

I'm back from New York! The trip went well. We had perfect weather for sitting on the beach the whole week!

When I got back, a package full of Street Wears was waiting for me.

All of 'em!

Hologram, Midas, Bare It, Shining, Gold Mine, Taxi.

Sstain, Sweetie, Angelic, Psychedelic, Jelly.

Ggrass Sstain, Grass Stain, Sky, Mmoody, Raw, Grape, Gun Metal.
 I'm super pumped to start trying all of these out. I remember being obsessed with this brand in middle school. If only I'd held on to mine.


  1. I remember these! I had Gunmetal, and I was obsessed with it. As I recall, it wasn't nearly as easy in those days to find funky colors as it is now.

  2. ooooh nice! There are a few there that caught my eye straight away! enjoy x