Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OPI DS Fantasy

Blue is the fifth color for The 31 Day Challenge. I chose OPI DS Fantasy, a polish sent by Lindsay from Nailtopia in our recent swap.

I think we all know by now just how gorgeous DS Fantasy is! It's a very shimmery, glittery blue, that has this almost-sorta-kinda holographic thing going on. You can clearly see some holographic bits in the bottle, and in certain lighting situations, you can almost see them on the nail. But most of the time, the holo qualities are non-existent. It's still a really awesome color, even without the holographic glitter. It reminds me of deep parts of the ocean. The glitter gives the polish lots of dimension, and makes the polish really lovely.

Application was a breeze. It was a one coat-er, but I did two out of habit. I've heard that this stains like crazy, so I'll report back when I take it off.

In non-polish related news, I am currently in the process of working on grad school applications. It is stressing me out like crazy! I gave myself a five-day migraine because of it! This has been my life lately.

Oh, also, if you live near a Target, you might want to hit that shit up for some clearance Revlons and Sally Hansens.

Look at all the clearance labels!
Happy Monday!


  1. Ooh, this looks great :) I have it in my stash but haven't worn it yet. Kinda disappointed it doesn't come out more holo on the nail but it looks pretty anyways.

  2. oooh how cool are those bargains! I love it when you come across bargains which you just weren't expecting. Love that OPI shade, looks so gorgeous.

    Hope the essay writing goes well, don't make yourself ill over it, take lots of breaks to rest the eyes! x