Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Street Wear Taxi

Yellow is the third color for the 31 Day Challenge, and I chose Taxi by Street Wear.

In the bottle, Taxi is a yellow with a really pretty shimmer to it. Unfortunately, the shimmer gets completely lost on the nail. Luckily, it's still a really gorgeous yellow, even without the shimmer.

However, application was a royal pain in the ass. The polish is pretty thin, which means two things. One: it had a tendency to spread all over, and got stuck in my cuticles and the sides of my nails. I always use acetone to clean up, but acetone couldn't get everything up. Two: it needed three coats, and even after the third coat, it still looked pretty crappy. Lucky for you guys, my camera makes things look better than they do in real life. It's fairly uneven in some spots. I got air bubbles. And it took FOREVER to dry. Even with my (brand new) Poshe top coat. I actually had to redo a couple nails because they ended up wrinkling. You can see the wrinkling on my ring finger in my photos. And that's the second time I redid that nail!

If it wasn't a Street Wear polish, I'd get rid of it. But I'm chalking up the issues to the age of the polish. And I'm still going to hang on to it and use it because as long as I'm not looking closely at my nails, it really does look awesome!


  1. This is a great yellow! Looks very good with your skin tone :)
    Can't wait to see the rest of your challenge manis :D

  2. I like this nail polish! This year I and my sister discover the beauty of yellow polishes! They look amazing with tanned skin:)

  3. So nice and bright! The 31 Post Challenge is a great idea.

  4. aw no, shame about the application, it looks great on, really bright and summery x

  5. I hate polishes that are such a pain to apply, the end result looks fabulous though =)