Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Man Glaze Matte is Murder + House of Isis Amulet Glitter

I tested out one of the nail art glitters Nail de Royale sent me - Amulet by House of Isis. I wanted it over something dark so the glitter would really pop, so I chose Matte is Murder by Man Glaze as the base color.

I love this stuff! I like that the black is not a flat black - it has a nice shimmer to it, which is a nice addition to the matte finish. It applies incredibly smoothly. I used two coats for full coverage. Like all mattes, it dries very fast, but also chips pretty quick. I knew I'd be putting a top coat over it, so  wasn't terribly concerned about the chipping. I just adore the way this polish looks. The finish looks so chic! Which I'm sure the dudes at Man Glaze would hate to hear me say, but it's true!

Artificial lighting.


Blurred for optimal glitter viewing!
The next step was whipping out the glitter! My basic procedure was to lay down a piece of paper (or something for the excess glitter to go on), dip the tips of my nails into the pot, and then use a nail art brush to sprinkle glitter on the rest of the nail. I was trying to get a gradual effect - with more glitter towards the tip, and less as you move toward the cuticle. It worked pretty nice. It doesn't look perfect, but  didn't want it to. I like the "messy" application. I added a layer of top coat over the black so the glitter would have something to stick to. When I was finished, I added two layers of top coat, to even out the texture and make sure everything was sealed in. It was certainly a messy task, but definitely worth it.

I really love the way the smaller green glitters interact with the larger holographic pieces. It's a very pretty combination, especially over a darker polish. It's sort of space-y in a way, and I think if the smaller glitter was multi-colored, it would certainly give that effect. The larger pieces are definitely eye-catching, and I love the way the light bounces off of them.

I can't wait to play around with this glitter more, and try out other combinations!

A big thanks to Nail de Royale for sending this to me!

And, for the purposes of a proper disclaimer: the House of Isis glitter was sent to me for review.


  1. I have never tried Man Glaze before, before blogging I hadn't even heard of it but looks great. I love those sparkles on the tips :-) x