Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cover Girl Crushed Berries

The other day, I came across a nail polish 31 Day Challenge on Here Comes the Sun. It looks like fun, so I've decided to take part! Here's how it works:

Image/Challenge originally from The Tuning Fork on Tumblr.

I'm mostly using this as motivation to make it through more of my un-trieds. I'm certainly too lazy to post daily, so I guess it will be a "31 Posts Challenge" instead. I also may adjust some of the challenges, particularly the water marble one because... well, I think water marbling looks ugly to be quite honest. I'm especially excited for the half moons and the supernatural challenges.

Up first is the best nail polish color of all time: red! Crushed Berries by Cover Girl is what I went with, because I purchased it on clearance at Target months ago, and haven't tried it yet.

Crushed Berries is a appropriately named red jelly, with subtle shimmer. And I do mean subtle! If you enlarge the photos, you can see a little bit of shimmer, but mostly in the bottle. It's pretty much non-existent in real life. Under super bright light, you can see some of it. But it's certainly not something anyone else would notice. I do wish it was more visible, as that would make this polish far more unique.

Beyond that, my only other complaint is that the brush is itty bitty so application takes a bit longer. But it went on smoothly, and the consistency was great. I used two coats. Some people might like more, but I'm a big fan of the jelly finish, so I wanted to keep that quality visible.

Overall, I'm happy with Crushed Berries. But, really, that's probably only because I'm a red gal. If I wasn't as into reds as I am, I would put this into my "meh" pile. It's great for that classic look, but as I said, not terribly unique.

What do you guys think of the 31 Day Challenge? Will you take part, or skip out?


  1. Hm! That looks like an interesting list of challenges. I won't be taking part but I look forward to seeing what you do. :)

  2. Yes!!! I'm glad that I've got someone on board! :)

  3. oooh great idea, looking forward to seeing what you create for your challenge x