Monday, December 5, 2011

Inspired by Artwork: Model's Own Coral Reef

I'm alive! Sorry about the length of time in between posts. Between the holidays and finishing up graduate school applications, I've been a bit busier than normal.

I'm still continuing on with the 31 Post Challenge, and I am on day 27, which is a manicure inspired by artwork. While searching for inspiration for an unrelated project, I came across a painting by Ray Caesar that I loved.

I love that she's painting her long-ass talons red! So, I decided to go with something in the red range as well: Coral Reef by Model's Own.

Coral Reef is a pink leaning coral, and has one of the best consistencies I've come across. It applied so smooth! I used two coats, though I have a feeling most people would use three. There was a bit of visible nail line with just two. I've been wearing this for about five days (told you I've been busy!) and I have minimal tipwear and no chipping! I can't say enough good things about this polish! Perfect!

A huge thanks to Nicole for Top to Toe for sending this to me in our recent swap.

I hope everything with you guys has been well. Did you US kids have a good Thanksgiving?

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