Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sally Hansen Spectrum & My Stash

During a bout of boredom earlier today, I added a couple new pages to my blog. I added an About Me page, which is pretty dorky, but I like reading more about all of you, so I figured why not! I was also inspired by Rebecca Likes Nails, and added a page that lists my stash, and links to what I've posted. What do you guys think? Any suggestions?

Now, on to what I'm wearing! Spectrum, from the Sally Hansen HD Collection.

Spectrum is full of turquoise, glass-flecked, duochrome goodness! It's very pretty and bright - definitely an eye catching polish.  It's pretty sheer though. I used three coats and there's still visible nail line. It would probably be really pretty layered over a dark polish. Target marked these guys down to $5, so if you've been wanting something from the HD collection, now's your chance to get it cheap!

While I was going through my entire collection today, I took some photos:

 Yes, I still have a Kaboodle! This is where I store my "expensive" polishes. Note to self: don't buy any more green or purple Zoyas.

 My drug store cheapie polishes. Kept in an overflowing shoe box.

The polishes Nicole sent me (plus a rogue Zoya). I also keep my top and base coats in here.

So, what have we learned? I really need to find a better way to organize my polishes! I am not a huge Helmer fan, and am waiting to find the right organizer. For those of you who don't have Helmers, how do you organize your stash?


  1. great collection :-) and I love that Sally Henson blue :-) gorgeous xx

  2. How sweet, I loved it.
    You have good taste.

    Fallow me http://unascolores.blogspot.com/


  3. plastic shoe boxes that have pull out drawers! they are great because they are see through, stackable and not too spacious! :) i love your collection!! especially your zoya polishes!!

  4. Thanks, ladies!

    Plastic shoe boxes is an excellent idea! I'll have to go searching for some. :)