Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nails Inc. Hampstead Heath

Next up from my package from Nicole is Hampstead Heath by Nails Inc., from their Autumn/Winter 2009 collection.

This is such a "me" color! I love it! Hampstead Heath is a berry red. In real life, it's a bit more brown/purple than my camera was able to capture. Blood red would be a fitting description, as it looks a lot like blood that is starting to dry up. It's so shiny, too!

Application was a pain, though! It was pretty thick, which made it streaky. But luckily it evened out with two coats. Clean up was pretty messy, as you can tell. My index finger looks like it's been dipped in cherry Kool Aid! My right hand is a million times worse. I'm sure my whole hand will be covered when I remove the polish.

It was all worth it for such a great color though! This is the perfect fall color, and I think it would look really great as a half moon manicure.

1 comment:

  1. oooh glad you love the colour :-) shame about the application, it is strange that nails inc is one of the higher end polishes about £10 a bottle (I guess that is around $16? according to a currency converter)

    Ooooh I have managed to find some fab bits for our next one :-) xx