Saturday, April 9, 2011

Models Own Gold Rush

The other night, I saw the King Tut exhibition at the Science Museum. Inspired by all the awesome gold jewelry and sculpture and sarcophagi, I decided to use my new Models Own polish, Gold Rush.

Gold Rush is so pretty! It goes on pretty sheer, but after three coats, I find it nice and opaque. This would also look really great layered over another color. It's very shiny and foil-y, and it looks different depending on how the light catches it. Sometimes it looks like liquid on my nails. The application was great, and the dry time was pretty fast.

Even though it's really pretty, I'm not sure quite yet how I feel about it on me. My skin is yellow/olive toned (even though I look like a lobster in these photos), so part of me feels like it blends in too much. And the other part of me feels like because it's so shiny, it looks really awesome on me. I'll have to try layering it over some other colors!

If you happen to be in Minnesota, go check out the King Tut exhibit. It was pretty awesome.


  1. The foil affect looks really good, I think it suites your skin tone :-) xx

  2. lovee gold nails. x

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