Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Miss Sporty 60

Another polish sent to me by Nicole - number 60 by Miss Sporty.

This is a very pretty blue/green shimmer. The camera picked up mostly blue on my nails, but you can see some of the green reflecting in the bottle. The green is much more visible in real life. It's so pretty the way it shifts back and forth in the light! It reminds me of a mermaid tail.

I was quite impressed with Miss Sporty. The application was really smooth. There was a couple air bubbles in the first coat, but they evened out with the second coat. The consistency was perfect. I was also really pleased with the brush. For such a small bottle, I was expecting a crappy small brush (ahem OPI minis), but the brush is nice and wide! The polish also dried super fast.

I'm eager to try the two other Miss Sporty polishes Nicole sent! I just wish they had more interesting names than boring ol' numbers!

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  1. Wow, I love this, so bright, think I might have to pick up a bottle. Really shiny finish :-)