Friday, March 11, 2011

LA Splash Golden Seahorse

So, today is the big iPad 2 launch. I haven't even started getting dressed for work, and I'm already annoyed. I decided to wear some glittery nail polish, to make myself feel a little happier. I chose Golden Seahorse by LA Splash, something I found at Ulta the other week.

This polish is so beautiful. It's a sea foam colored base, with gold glitter in it. I used two coats, and one coat of Seche Vite. You can tell even with the topcoat, it's still a gritty polish. I actually sort of like the texture - I can't stop running my fingers over my nails. The application was surprisingly nice. I thought with all that gritty glitter, it was going to be thick and gloopy, but it wasn't at all. It also dried quickly.

For a really great closeup of the glitter, check out this post by Lacquer Laine.

This color reminds me of sunlight reflecting on the water, buried treasure, mermaids... basically, Golden Seahorse is a great name for this. I tried to find fun mermaid tattoo flash to show, but after the first page of awful mermaid drawings and even worse mermaid tattoos, I gave up. There's only so much one can take. Why do people with terrible tattoos post them on the Internet?!

I hope this stuff doesn't start chipping right away though. My OPI Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear? manicure chipped significantly on the second day, which is weird because OPIs usually last a long time on me. Anyone else experience lots of chipping with the sorbets?

It feels a bit weird to be complaining about iPad 2s, chipped nail polish, and bad tattoos given what's happening in Japan right now. Japan will be in my thoughts today.


  1. Gorgeous colour, i love the shape of your nails and the length they are at now xx