Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bonita Turquoise

Have you guys ever heard of Bonita Nail Enamel? I found it in Francesca's, that little boutique in malls. They were a buck a piece, and there was a pretty wide variety of colors. I couldn't find any information on the brand online, and I'm curious as to whether this is a Francesca's only brand, or if they're sold at other stores.

At the store, they were all stuck in this glass vase, so it was annoying to try and shove around glass bottles in a bigger glass bottle. I saw Turquoise and dug around until I had it in my hands. Another nail polish must have broke on it, because the bottle has dried polish on it, but it was the only one, so I didn't care.

 I don't know how appropriately named this is. It's definitely too green to be a turquoise. To me, it's like a forest green with a bit of blue in it. It's different from any of the other teal/turquoise colors I own. I really love this color, and am glad I dug through everything to find it. However, the application left something to be desired. It was really thick, messy, and hard to work with. Clean up was even hard - the acetone just seemed to push the green around, not actually clean any of it up. Maybe some thinner will solve the problem.

In the bottle it seemed like a creme, but it's actually more of a jelly. Very shiny and squishy. I used two coats, and there's no visible nail line! You can see by the tip shrinkage Seche Vite doesn't get along too well with this lacquer. These photos are taken in natural lighting.

Despite the application issues, this is something I'll continue to use because the color is so lovely.

I hope everyone's weekends are getting off to a good start!


  1. This is really lovely and shiny and can't go wrong with a price like that :-)

  2. very accurate review! i just used this polish for the first time as well and i have to agree with every word you said.

  3. I love this color and I agree on it being more green then blue