Friday, June 3, 2011

Nautical Nails... Hello, Sailor!

When I opened my new package from Nicole, I came across Miss Sporty 320 and 304, and thought they looked great together. And thus, these nautical nails were born!

The blue is 320, and it is fantastic! It is a creme, but has some jelly qualities. It applied very well, and only needed a couple coats. 304 is the coral-leaning red. This one was a bit more finicky, but pretty nonetheless. I needed three coats to even out some streaks. I've said this before, but I seriously love the brushes on Miss Sporty polishes! Nice and wide! The anchors were made with Models Own Gold Rush. This design is pretty simple, but I think it's fun and cute, and perfect for summer! Nautical stuff is the bees knees!

One of my favorite photos ever! Unfortunately I don't know any background info.

Gotta love Elvgren.

And, for good measure, here is a link to photos of my nautical tattoos. Go check out the rest of Kat's work while you're at it. Good stuff!


  1. obsessed with all things nautical. LOVE

  2. oooh this is great, that blue looks great with the bright red. lovely rings too x

  3. Ohhh I love it! SO fun! I'm following your blog! :)