Wednesday, March 27, 2013

China Glaze For Audrey half moons with stars

I showed you guys China Glaze's For Audrey nearly two years ago now, but here it is as a half moon mani with some star gems on an accent nail. The gems were sent to me by Nicole in a swap a while back.

I'm pretty "meh" about this manicure. It was much cuter in my head! I think the stars would work better if they were a bit smaller. And I'm pretty sure they'll be falling off very soon. Even after two coats of top coat they stick out. Also For Audrey seems to apply... sloppily? Does anyone else have this issue? Despite clean up efforts there is still excess polish, and I was being careful as I applied it. Who knows? Maybe I'm just out of practice. I raved about the application process my first post about For Audrey, but it looks sloppy in that post, too. Urgh.

Happy Wednesday!

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