Thursday, March 22, 2012

L.A. Colors Berry Red

I just dyed my hair red, and in honor of that, I decided to do a red manicure! Here's Berry Red by L.A. Colors.

My photographs of this are not the most color accurate. Berry red is actually, well, more berry than these images show. It's a bit darker, but just as juicy and squishy. A classic red jelly. Sigh.

While not the most unique color, and not exactly unique in my collection, I was actually quite surprised with the ease of application. It slid on very easily, was not messy at all, and dried very fast and shiny (even without topcoat, though I was wearing a coat of Seche in these photos). I used two coats, which allowed for just a bit of visible nail line. I found this at the dollar store a while back, so I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that it "flowed like butter". Sometimes it's nice to have a reminder that one doesn't need to spend $20 on good quality nail polish. I also bought a champagne/gold color, so I'm interested to see if the application of that is just as flawless.

Here's a crappy shot of my new hair color, for those interested. I wish it was sunny out today so the red could really shine, but of course it is gloomy. I'm really enjoying being a red head again, and I think next time I will go a bit brighter!


  1. Love the polish, and the hair! :)

  2. That polish looks so squishy :) I love it when I find a great polish for a great price. Love the hair!