Tuesday, April 26, 2011

China Glaze Classic Camel

I decided to take a break from all the goodies Nicole sent me, and to try out a new polish I purchased for myself recently: Classic Camel by China Glaze. It is from their Vintage Vixen collection, which, naturally, I love.

Classic Camel is a really lovely tan color, with glass fleck gold glitter. I love that it is a soft shade, with some extra oomph! The glitter is subtle, but noticeable, especially in bright light.

The is one of the more runny/watery polishes I own. I thought it would turn out a mess, but it was actually very manageable. I only needed two coats to fully cover my nails.

Overall, I'm really pleased. It's different from a lot of the things I own, and is a great option for when I want something a bit more toned down than what I usually wear.

Oh, and also, it reminds me of vintage lingerie for some reason.


  1. Very pretty. It looks great on you. :)

  2. ooooh lovely colour :-) it reminds me of caramac candy! love the glittery flecks in it too.